[sticky post]Hiatus!
Starting right now and until November, I'll be away for my work.. no internet... I'll have time to write I guess.. if I'm lucky I'll come maybe once a month...

take care! =D

I feel like it's the only thing I post here...

I'm on hiatus again for the whole summer... I'll try ( really trying this time ) to keep writing while I'm away...

I'll still have internet but like maybe 30min a day if I'm lucky lol can't read nothing to long, can't watch video or listen music... the freaking basic thing...

If I'm lucky I'll be back in september...

Have a nice summer everyone.

Stuck [Chapter 3]
Title: Stuck
Author: DevjaCaiora
Pairing: JunChun ( YunJae... maybe... lol )
Length: Chapted [4/?]
Genre: Romance, angst, comedy
Rating: R for now
Warning: Yoochun have now a good reason to kill his best friend...
Beta : animeaddict96
Summary: anyone still remember this story?

Prologue : http://devjacaiora.livejournal.com/3351.html
Chapter 1 : http://devjacaiora.livejournal.com/4052.html

Chapter 2 : http://devjacaiora.livejournal.com/4459.html

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You're not a angel [Chapter 3]
Title: You're not a angel
Author: DevjaCaiora
Pairing: Yoosu ( YunJae... maybe... lol )
Length: Chapted [3/?]
Genre: Romance, angst, comedy, supernatural, Death!Changmin
Rating: R for now
Warning: Fail ? lol curse words?
Beta : animeaddict96
Summary: Changmin is on a mission... Feel bad for Junsu but... his life never gonna be the same...

A.N: I'm back!!! lol hope people still remember this story... lol

prologue : http://devjacaiora.livejournal.com/3071.html
chapter 1 : http://devjacaiora.livejournal.com/3317.html
Chapter 2 :

Chapter 3Collapse )

half hiatus I guess
YAH! lol

ok... I now have internet... can't download anything, can't watch anything and got a limit on my internet but still... I'm back.. kind of....

 I won't be there to much... maybe coming every night for my email... geez... I had 645 emails waiting for me... end up reading maybe 60 and deleted the rest...

anyway... I'll really try to write something this summer... if I stop coming back in my apartment dead tired... 

Can't believe I'll do that... LOL

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don' read this! LOL
I'm honestly trying something... XD

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Damn it better work this time
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I'm scare...
I'm scare... I think I never being that scare for my entire life...

nothing really scare me... well except both time when I had to call 911 cause someone was trying to broke in my house but that's another story...

this time that's the kind a scaring thing who make me cry just by writing it...

for other people it's not a big deal... but for me...

monday.... next monday I'll go under surgery for removing my wisdom tooth who's killing me since august... I actually was expecting that they just gonna inject stuff in my mouth to froze everything like they usually do when they remove another tooth but nooooooooo the dentist told me I'll have to be asleep ...

it won't be the first time really... I got a knee surgery almost 10 years ago ( Yes I'm old... )

but this time... I'm in the US now... they don't have my medical folder... they don't know there is some stuff in the anesthesia who can make my heart stop because of a stupid allergy... they don't know that... would they listen to me if I told them ?

I don't even know if I have this allergy... when my cousin got his tonsil remove couple years ago, he almost died on that table when his heart stop twice... the doctor told his parents that they should do the test to know on which side of the family this allergy was coming... they didn't do it... to expensive of something like that... so then all the family had to tell the doctor about a possible allergy so instead of being asleep because of a gas.... they had to use the injection...

what if after I told the doctor he doesn't really believe me and do like he want ? what if I react ? what if I don't wake up ?


*jump everywhere*

Got my flight ticket yesterday! =D

leaving from Florida april22th and I'll be back in Canada may 15th! =D

I just open another LJ : devjavacation.livejournal.com (sorry no direct link...explorer suck)

*explorer is a piece of shit browser right now!*

usually I have my BlogSpot for my vacation but I can't really know if someone comment except if I look...so... lol

for previous vacation... www.devjacaiora.blogspot.com
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Well I can said that maybe it's a semi-hiatus ? XD

anyway... after I post this it's gonna be the real thing... Since I'm back in Canada for the summer, well that's no internet for me... I'll keep writing for sure and I already ask someone if she can beta everything I'll send to her and post it here...

But I don't know if she can lol

anyway... I'll be back in september...

still praying to be back before ....

Have a nice summer everybody =D
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